Summer Workshops

Summer Camps focuses on the “art” of test-taking needed to conquer the exams by experts in the field of Test Prep.

Students will gain familiarity and knowledge of the test, which is a necessary component for optimum performance, and develop the kind of mastery that will give them confidence and self-assurance when taking the ACT and SAT. The class has even been called “FUN” by many students.

Course Includes:

20 Hours of Extensive Review by the owner and creator of River City Workshops, Mrs. Bella Dianne Bruce.
Foundational Review of all five test areas: English, Math, Reading, Science and the optional Essay
Test-taking strategies for timing, guessing and success on the ACT as well as other standardized tests.
ACT/SAT Prep Workbook written by the instructor with 25 Years of Test Prep mastery in the field
5 Retired recent ACT/SAT Test for in class practice and review
20 classroom hours of preparation that is individualized for each student
Location: 620 Cherokee Boulevard, Suite 114, Chattanooga TN 37405

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