I could have never done it without you!" Matt


"You are the best! Thank you so much for helping me. I just got accepted into Georgetown and it is all because of you!"
Kellye R


"My daughter is already up 3 points on her ACT which has opened up new opportunities. The Prep Class and a few sessions of private tutoring has made her much more confident about test taking."
Bridget H


"Mrs. Bruce,
I wanted to let you know that I received a full ride to my 1st choice school. You made my dreams come true. Forever grateful!!"


"Thank you for being a life changer for my son. Your excellent work with him, strategically coaching him from on him how to get the points he needed on the entrance exam made his success possible. I will never be able to thank you enough." CF


"I did it! My SAT came up 285 points just after working a couple of hours with you." RL


"... As I graduate from Harvard this next week, I know that I would have never made it this far without your help. I will always remember your kindness and empathy during those struggling times and will be always grateful. Forever Grateful." KE


"This Prep program helped my kids achieve massive score improvements on the ACT ... We will always be grateful for River City Workshops." Ludmilla L.


Thank you for being a life changer for my son. Your excellent work with him, strategically coaching him from on him how to get the points he needed on the entrance exam made his success possible. I will never be able to thank you enough. CF


"The absolute best ACT / SAT prep tutoring in Chattanooga!"
Zach R.
"Best ACT prep tutoring in all of Chattanooga by far!"
L. B.
"Best ACT/SAT tutor in Chattanooga, hands down!"
Jacqueline F.


'I struggled so much on the ACT and kept getting a 19. I took 2 classes with her, one in a group and one in private and got a 25! Mrs. Bruce is really good at figuring out what your weaknesses are and focusing on how to correct them. Highly recommend."
Joe E

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River City Workshops offers a variety of Workshops that focus on improving student’s test taking skills through programs designed to develop each student’s ability to exceed their testing potential.  With 26 years’ experience, River City has served over 23, 000 students compiling an average increase score of 3-8 points on the ACT with outliers in the 10-12 point range increase. A consistent point increase of over 200 points on the PSAT/SAT has led to many of River City’s students becoming National Merit Scholars and earning full scholarships. 

ACT and SAT Workshops cover Subject-specific test taking strategies that will increase familiarity with the content and type of questions included in the tests. Individualized plans of action allow each student to study and learn according to their needs, knowledge and circumstance.  Each student will receive a Test Prep Workbook written by Mrs. Bruce with content related Study Guides written by multiple English and Math Teachers. Through training, knowledge and experience, Mrs. Bruce has developed a workshop that is designed to prepare students until test day with a bonus study plan which includes multiple retired released tests and explanatory answers.

Each student will participate in classroom instruction and a workbook that has an additional 10 hours of supplementary work. The workbook includes: actual retired test questions with explanatory answers, English and Math reviews, clearly outlined content overviews for each subsection, quick tip study guides and retired test.

Private Tutoring: focuses on the individual needs of the student in a one on one setting. Each Private tutoring need is different and Mrs. Bruce focuses on an individualized plan for each student to prepare them to succeed. Typically, an assessment is the first step in private tutoring, then an individualized plan is developed for each person.  Private Tutoring is offered at the Cherokee Boulevard office site on Weekdays and weekends for $150/hour (2 hour minimum). Small Group Tutoring is also available for groups of 4 or more for $95 per person/per hour.  Contact Mrs. Bruce to schedule a time.

“River City Workshops is a MUST if you want maximum value for your test-preparation dollar. With an increasing number of students competing for a limited pool of seats in and scholarships for their desired colleges, success on standardized tests can be critical. There is more to achieving success on these tests than just having a certain level of static knowledge. Performing well includes managing one’s emotions, having a test strategy, understanding one’s own strengths and building on those while mitigating one’e weaknesses and focusing on training for successful execution. Dianne Bruce and her team at River City Workshops have crafted a system for students that, if they practice it, will ensure improved performance on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT and set them on a path for future success.” Joanie S.
Dianne Bruce
Dianne Bruce

Bella Dianne Bruce, owner and teacher, created River City Workshops in 1993 while completing her MED in Guidance and Counseling.

After teaching ACT and SAT classes at UTC, she expanded the business to include on-site workshops at area high schools. Mrs. Bruce has developed workshops ranging from faculty and guidance in-services to entire grade level preps. These workshops have proven to accommodate a diverse population of students, generating an average score increase of 3-8 points on the ACT and 150-200 points on the SAT. She also offers services in College Guidance.